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May contain: fire, flame, and bonfire

It is important to remember that embers blowing from a backyard fire pose the same threat to your home as if they are from a wildfire.

The fire pit’s location is important to mitigate the hazards. If the fire pit is under low hanging branches or the overhanging eaves of a house, or too near other structures this dramatically increases the exposure to potential ignition.

Keeping the size under three feet in diameter and two feet high, and contained to a permanent outdoor fire ring, a portable outdoor fireplace, or a commercially designed chiminea will assist in maintaining control.

Be mindful of the changing weather conditions. Wind-blown embers igniting dry vegetation and threatening homes sounds like a wildfire. Yet, this summer that source of embers may well be your own patio fire pit or backyard campfire.

Most of all, safely enjoy your patio fire pit or backyard campfire and keep blowing embers that come from any source from threatening your home this summer.